Cornelia FitzRoy - Artist


These abstract landscapes are derived from intricate colour studies of plants, rocks, sea, sand , lichen,  soil,  moss , weather and light of an area, that show that each place has its own identity . I have included these and photographs, underneath each painting, to show where the inspiration for these paintings originally came from. I love the interaction between colours. They become like a piece of music with some notes soaring above and other bass notes below . Sometimes making what should be a regressive colour,progressive and visa versa.Making colours harmonise or bounce against each other, it is all a glorious game, that mother nature has provided.

Colonsay Rock Pool, acrylic on paper, 20"x22"

Indian wedding , acrylic on paper, 20"x22"

River Tyne, Northumberland, acrylic on paper, 20"x22"

Colonsay Beach, acrylic on paper ,20"x22"

Colonsay,sea shore rocks and lichen. 

Rhizocarpon georaphica and Crustose caloplaca marina .

Acrylic on paper , 22"x 2o"  .

Falling leaves ,Scotland, Acrylic on paper, 20"x22'


Burnham Overy Staithe, Norfolk. acrylic on paper, 20"x22"


School Lane verge wild flowers, Acrylic on Paper , 22"x20"


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